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The Green Flame

May 27, 2020

We speak with Jeff Gibbs, director of the new film "Planet of the Humans" (produced by Michael Moore) about why green energy won't save the world, the need to focus on consumption, and how the environmental movement has gotten off track.

Since this interview was recorded, the film was viewed more than 8 million times and a copyright claim was filed against the film for using 4 seconds of copyrighted footage. The film has been taken off YouTube, but is now on Vimeo.

Watch the Film:

More Information

This episode includes two tracks, "Shi-baytz" and "Radio-daylong" from the Filipino group Katribu Collective, off their new album "The Gathering."

Katribu Collective is the unified effort a few individuals from the Philippines playing indigenous instruments from different tribes all around the world. Their vision is to promote culture and unity. Katribu's passion and commitment to exploring the musically rich culture of the tribes of Mindanao leads its music to fuse these elements.

Katribu Collective: