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The Green Flame

Apr 3, 2020

How is coronavirus affecting the movement to save the planet? This in-depth episode includes perspectives from eight Deep Green Resistance organizers from around the world. We talk about morality, pollution, preparedness, community self-defense, mutual aid, and more.

This episode include poetry by Kim Hill, and three tracks: “Horizons” and “Blood,” both by Scott Buckley, and "Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra Meditation Music" by Beth Quist.

Further Reading:

Kim's Poem:

U.S. considering suspending constitutional rights during CoViD-19 emergency:

Against Conspiracy Theories: Why Our Activism Must Be Based In Reality:

Coronavirus originates in destruction of the planet:

Reductions of pollution and consumption due to CoViD-19:

Government giveaways to the ultra-wealthy:

Pollution backlash:

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About The Green Flame

The Green Flame is a Deep Green Resistance podcast offering revolutionary analysis, skill sharing, and inspiration for the movement to save the planet by any means necessary. Our hosts are Max Wilbert and Jennifer Murnan.

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