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The Green Flame

Apr 24, 2020

On this episode of the Green Flame we interviewed Shahidah Janjua and conversed about women, writing, activism and the creation of a Women's Centre in Kerry. She also shared a recitation of one of her soon to be published poems on our broadcast.

This episode is also dedicated to the memory of our beloved sister.

We share this memorial she wrote on the passing of Andrea Dworkin, whom she mentions in the interview saying, “I love that woman.”

April 12, 2005 05:53 AM

“I am gutted. It is the end of an era; not of our resistance, but of an era. I am a Pakistani woman of 55, a mother, a grandmother. I read Letters from a War Zone when I was 36 and it did save my life, not in any cliched way, but really. Everything I have done, thought and understood since then has evolved from reading that book. It laid bare what I had known and experienced. I went on to read all Andrea's books. I wrote to Andrea to tell her this. Even if my voice was one of thousands, I felt it was important for her to know what she had given me. She replied with great humility.

At first I loved and looked up to Andrea as a child does to its mother, always wanting clarity, the truth, and cherishing the guidance when it came in articles, speeches, interviews and books. I grew from there into an adult and an equal, because this is the power that the truth gave me. It demanded that I grow in stature in the world and stand shoulder to shoulder with brave women, by becoming a brave woman myself. No other words, no other actions in the world had allowed me the full possibility of seeing myself in this way; someone of great worth and endless potential. Always her gendered analysis was the key. The abiding question it left me with in any circumstance was "where are the women in this, and what is happening to them?", the question that followed was "where am I in this, and what is happening to me?" Asking these questions requires brutal honesty, and no place for complicity. I have lost a friend and a sister, and the way that I can honour this very precious relationship is by carrying on the resistance to male supremacy and domination.”

On behalf of the Women of DGR:

We lost you Shahidah in March, and we are gutted. We mourn no longer having the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with you, dear sister. We cherish the many gifts of your life’s work.

We dedicate our lives, as you once did, to being brave, to continuing that work, wherever we are, with whatever gifts we have to give.

With all our love and respect Shahidah Janjua, Thank You. Rest in Peace. Rest in Power.

From Shahidah Janjua for our listeners:

Latest poetry and shorts book:
Previous memoir for my dad:

Kerry Women’s Resource Centre: