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The Green Flame

Jun 9, 2020

Deep Green Resistance is a radical feminist organization, because all oppression is connected. The freedom of women as a class cannot be separated from the resistance to the dominant culture as a whole. Racism is connected to patriarchy is connected to the destruction of the planet.

"Pornography Men Possessing Women," one of Andrea Dworkin’s most influential and important books, is the focus for this episode of the Green Flame. The Deep Green Book Club discussion provides the means by which we approach the heart of Andrea Dworkin’s analysis and life’s work.

We thank Trinity La Fey ( for a special live recording of her poem "Tintinnabulation."

Thank you to Beth Quist for sharing her live acoustic performance of her composition, Angel of Death. Beth is playing all the instruments as well as being the solo vocalist. The "studio" is her RV!

Beth’s website:
Beth’s Patreon:

Musicians and artists have lost much of their their ability to create a livelihood as a result of social distancing during the pandemic. Please, if you are able, send some love and support their way.

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