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The Green Flame

Nov 21, 2022

On November 19th, Deep Green Resistance hosted a special 3-hour live streaming event, "Collapse: Climate, Ecology, and Civilization" featuring Derrick Jensen, Saba Malik, Max Wilbert, Robert Jensen, Lierre Keith, and grassroots activists from four continents.

This podcast is the audio recording of the event.

If you wish to donate to support this work, please visit: Thank you for our speakers, volunteers, organizers, and donors. We could not do this without you.


Our way of life — industrial civilization — is destroying the planet.  From coral reefs to the great forests, the last strongholds of the wild are falling. The climate is destabilizing. And we are entering the 6th mass extinction of life on Earth. Ecological collapse is here.

This unprecedented crisis demands extraordinary solutions. And yet, governments and mainstream environmental groups are failing to chart a path towards a livable future. What is to be done?

Join the philosopher poet of the deep ecology movement Derrick Jensen, radical eco-feminist author and strategist Lierre Kieth, and special guests Saba Malik and Robert Jensen for a special 3-hour live streaming event, Collapse: Ecology, Climate, and Civilization, hosted by Deep Green Resistance. This event explored issues of collapse (ecological, climatic, and civilizational) with a focus on organized, political resistance to slow and mitigate the worst aspects of collapse and accelerate the positive impacts. There were opportunities to ask questions and participate in dialogue.

This event is also a fundraiser, because the mainstream environmental movement is funded mainly by foundations which don’t want foundational or revolutionary change. Radical organizations like Deep Green Resistance rely on individual donors to support our work. We are raising $25,000 to fund a national speaking tour, a community-led hydropower dam resistance campaign in the Philippines, land-defense campaigns addressing mining and biodiversity, training programs for activists around the world, and other organizational work.

Whether or not you are in a financial position to donate, we hope you will enjoy and learn from this special event!


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