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The Green Flame

Apr 23, 2021

For this episode of The Green Flame, we're joined by Diane Wilson. Diane is a fourth-generation shrimper, boat captain, mother of five, author, and an environmental, peace, and social justice advocate. During the last 30 years, she has launched legislative campaigns, demonstrations, hunger strikes, sunk boats, and even climbed chemical towers in her fight to protect her Gulf Coast bay.

She is a co-founder of Code Pink, the women’s anti-war group based in Washington, DC and co-founder of the Texas Jail Project, which advocates for inmates’ rights in Texas county jails.

On April 7th, Diane launched a hunger strike to #StopTheDredging of Matagorda Ship Channel, part of a mercury-contaminated Superfund site on the TX Gulf Coast. Oil company Max Midstream wants to dredge the bay to make room for giant oil tankers to export crude fracked from the Permian Basin in West Texas & New Mexico. If the project goes forward, it would unearth potentially devastating mercury contamination into the bay, which local fisherfolk have been working to revitalize.

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