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The Green Flame

Apr 17, 2020

This conversation between Max Wilbert and Vince Emanuele covers mutual aid, organizing strategies, revolution vs. reform, coronavirus, survival, the Iraq war, the crumbling of the United States, and more.

Vince Emanuele was born and raised in America’s Rust-Belt and lives in Michigan City, Indiana. In 2002, he joined the United States Marine Corps. In 2005, Vince refused orders for a third deployment and immediately began working with the antiwar movement. Today he works in Michigan City and is co-founder of a community space called PARC—Politics, Arts, Roots, Culture.

Vince’s writings and transcribed interviews have appeared in teleSUR English, AlterNet, CounterPunch, the Christian Science Monitor, In These Times, CounterCurrents and ZNet.

Featured music: Perilune and Lights of Elysium by AERØHEAD. CC BY-SA 3.0. Banga by Chris Morrow. CC BY 3.0.