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The Green Flame

Jul 5, 2019

On this episode of the Green Flame, we speak with Claude Marx, former political prisoner and activist, director of the Freedom of Archives, about COINTELPRO and state repression of revolutionary movements. We hear from Will Falk, activist, radical movement lawyer and writer, about security culture. And for our skill, we focus on operational security. This show also include a poem by Sekou Kambui, and music by Dead Prez and Beth Quist.

“We know now that people like Martin Luther King Jr. where under constant surveillance including plots and attempts to create so much chaos in their lives that they [are] destabilized emotionally with intent”. — Claude Marx

“It’s really important that people not think of law or Security Culture as this bulletproof vest that you can put on that is going to keep you completely safe”. — Will Falk

More on operational security:

Poetry by Sekou Kambui

Music: Beth Quist and Dead Prez

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